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Research products

Have you interest in the information on power projects in Russia?


Would you like to know what equipment is applied in these projects?


Perhaps, you do not have partner in Russia who will help you do it. Consult us. Your decision will be right. 


We make researches of Russian power and other countries power many years. We issue Reports of research and sell theirs. In our reports we show what projects, who orders these projects, what equipment in projects, who participates in them are.


Let's buy our Reports. We issue Reports in Russian, but for you we will translate Reports in your language.


Our Reports will give you correct knowledge of power projects.


Power Reports:


  1. Combined Cycle Power plants
  2. Gas Turbine Power plants
  3. Gas Engine Power plants
  4. Steam Power plants
  5. Power Stations on renewable sources of energy
  6. Electricity Market



We can offer reports on other themes:

  • Equipment for the chemical industry
  • Boring and oil-producing equipment
  • Mining and processing equipment
  • Metals
  • Machines for Home



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 Sale 95

Information Base "Profiles of Russian manufacturers of oil production and drilling equipment in 2022"

 Abstract in Russian



Report "Investment projects of Gas-Turbine Power Plants and Gas Engine Power Plants at enterprises of some industries in Russia in 2021"

Abstract in Russian



Information Base "Profiles of Russian manufacturers of pipeline valves in 2021"

Abstract in Russian


 Sale 92

 Information Base about Gas Engine Power Plantsin Russian in 2021

 Abstract in Russian


Sale 91

Information Base about Combined-cycle Plants in conventional thermal power stations in Russia at the beginning of 2021"

 Abstract in Russian


Sale 90

 Information Base "Profile of Russian manufacturers of storage equipment and tanks for chemicals and oil and gas industry in 2021"

Abstract in Russian 


Sale 89

Information Base "Profiles of Russian manufacturers  of produce heat exchange, mass transfer and evaporators for chemical and related industries in 2021"

  Abstract in Russian 


Sale 88

 Information Base about Gas-Turbine Power stations in Russia of 2021

 Abstract in Russian



 Information Base "Profiles of Russian manufacturers of chemical and oil pumps at the beginning of 2021"

  Abstract in Russian


Sale 86

 Report "Power Projects with Steam Power Installations on Heat Station in Russia in years 2010-2021 (except for CCPP)"

Abstract in Russian


Sale 84

Information Base "Profiles of 450 Russian manufacturers on mining and processing of solid minerals", version 12.2020

 Abstract in Russian


Sale 83

 Information Base "Profiles of Russian manufacturers of mining and processing equipment in 2021"

 Abstract in Russian




















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