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Development History

Our company was founded on April 12th 2001 for carrying out of economic researches and developments. At that time it was called Nongovernmental Economic Center of Research and Development (NECRD). Since its creation NECRD has been held oneself out as a company facilitating the external economic activity of its clients.


We have gained vast experience of communication with our foreign colleagues, financial institutes and investment funds widely participating in promotion of investment projects and search of strategic partners for our clients.


In 2004 our company was named as Agency "Business International" (ABI).


The "long" projects as consultation of the Perm region administration in 2001-2003, organization and promotion of the investment projects of Perm Airlines FGUP in 2005-2006 and others are important milestones in the history of the company. In these projects ABI showed its competency in organization of the complex tasks' solution, ability to work in the directions not specific for the "classic" consulting, but necessary in order to achieve the clients' objectives.


Since 2007 ABI started to perform works within the frame of state orders in the subjects of Russia. Work for governmental authorities is one of the most important directions of ABI activity.


Since 2008 ABI started to conduct its own researches in different subjects: external economic activity, equipment for oil extracting enterprise, equipment based on gas-turbine drives etc. Unique research products of ABI are in demand in Russia and abroad.


By 2019, ABI has conducted some tens of research and issue more than 70 Reports and Information Bases. Our information resources are in demand by enterprises of power engineering, mechanical engineering, metallurgy, chemistry and petrochemicals, mining and processing plants, cable companies, engineering and service companies, etc.